At Bethesda Romanian Pentecostal Church we have a diversified collection of Ministries that will allow you to Serve. Listed below is a snapshot of our current Ministries. If you are interested to join please call or email us today and we will connect you with the Ministry leader!

Youth Ministry

  • “bYouth” High School
  • “bCentered” Young Adults
  • Youth Gatherings

Music Ministry

  • Choir Ministry
  • Brass Band Ministry
  • Worship Ministry

Kids Ministry

  • Sunday School
  • Kid’s Church
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Rejoice Choir

Evangelism Ministry

  • Special Events
  • Outreach

Small Groups

  • G12 Leadership
  • Home Groups

Family Ministry

  • 0-7 years of Marriage
  • 8-14 years of Marriage
  • 15-25 years of Marriage
  • 25+ years of Marriage

Women’s Ministry

  • “Heart to Heart”- Women’s Gathering
  • Special Events

Production Ministry